3D-lac Kapton Sprayer

3D lac kapton spray is a replacement for kapton tape. With the 3D-lac kapton spray can you create good adhesion with the print bed and you prevent warping of your 3D print.

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Product Description

A great layer of glue to always keep your 3D print in place

Kapton is an electrically insulating heat-resistant material that is extremely suitable for injecting or pasting a heated print bed. With the kapton spray you prevent your 3D print from being released from the print bed or warping (warping). The spray is odorless, colorless, lasts +/- five times 3D printing after one spray and can be used with all materials 3D printer filament. If necessary, the spray can be easily removed from the print bed.

How does it work?

Inject a clean print bed with a layer of kapton spray. When the print bed becomes warm, the spray layer will function as a strong glue. As soon as the print bed has cooled down after printing, you can easily remove the 3D print from the print bed. Check the video by clicking on "watch video" under the product image!

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