Question & Answers to 3D-Printing problems

Below you will find a couple of frequently asked questions with their corresponding answers. These answers will often refer to other articles on the website to further explain the problem or solution. Customer service 

Is there a rule of thumb when it comes down to 3D-Printing in general?

‘’Keep the nozzle temperature as low as possible and cool as much as you can’’

The above mentioned rule of thumb can be seen as the basis of 3D-Printing. This rule is created with hours of testing and experimenting with different 3D-Printer filaments and 3D-Printing techniques. Of course there are exceptions and boundaries to this rule, for instance, some filaments react badly to cooling and others cannot be printed below a certain temperature without risking under extrusion.

My 3D-Print keeps letting go of the print bed, what now?

The adhesion between your 3D-Print and the bad is insufficient because your print bed lacks adhesive materials. You can read more about adhesion.

My 3D-Print is warping during printing, what now?

The temperature of your print bed is either to low or you need to use a heated bed for that kind of filament. You can read more about warping and how to prevent it. warping.

Too little filament is coming out of the nozzle during printing, what now?

Your 3D-Printer is suffering from under extrusion. Under extrusion is a phenomenon where something along the path of the filament feeding process a blockage or strain is causing your filament flow to lower. The many causes and solutions can be found on the under-extrusion information page. . .

The slanted surfaces (overhang) on my 3D-Prints are not printed properly, what now?

Overhang 3D-print blijft vaak lastig en kan al verpest worden door een te hoge nozzle temperatuur van 5 – 10°C. Op de website hebben we voor je beschreven wat je het beste kunt doen om een . .