Wood fiber

3D-printing with Wood Filament

On this page you will find clearly all the settings of your 3D printer that you need to successfully 3D-print with Woodfiber filament. Still have questions? Check the header "3D-print help" contact page. 

  • TemperatureTo be able to 3D print well with Wood fiber filament, you set the temperature of the nozzle between 200 - 225 ° C. First of all, it is best to sit between it and set the temperature of the nozzle to 210 ° C. a too low nozzle temperature can prevent the filament from being fluid enough. That causes under-extrusion. Read more about ..
  • Speed Wood Fiber Filament you can quickly 3D Print. Speeds higher than 70 mm / s are achievable. Keep in mind that when you print above 70 mm / s 3D, the Wood Fiber filament has little time to heat up and you have to start raising the nozzle temperature to prevent under-extrusion. A low 3D printing speed (<40 mm / s) provides the best results if your 3D printing contains many details.
  • Cooling Wood fiber filament has little trouble with deformations during 3D printing. We recommend that you run the cooling fan (s) at high speed during 3D printing. A lot of cooling during 3d printing produces the best results. Pillow cooling can occur without cooling fans. Read more: prevent pillowing
  • Heating 3D Printing with Wood fiber filament does not require a heated print bed. Wood fiber filament has little tendency to warp by itself. If you have large areas of 3D printing, a heated print bed of 60 - 70 ° C produces slightly better results than without a heated print bed. Still suffer from warping 3D prints? Read more: prevent warping
  • Adhesion If you are using a heated print bed during 3D printing of wood fiber filament, it is necessary that there is a good layer of glue on your print bed. This is best done by covering the print bed with kapton tape or even easier to spray the print bed withkapton spray
  • Post-processing A Wood fiber filament 3D print cannot be post-processed like ABS that is with acetone. If you would like a 3D print with a smooth and glossy appearance you will need to use ABS filament. More information about it post processing ABS print