Compare Different 3D-Print Filaments

Below you will find a table in which all available 3D-Printer filaments are judged based on several properties. This gives you an easy overview of what filaments Hestay has to offer and which is best suited for your project. The more stars the property has, the better it scores in that specific situation. comparison . 


I want to 3D-Print products that need to withstand some wear and tear, which filament can I use best for that?
Tough and durable products are best printed with ABSHIPS or Nylon. The easiest choice is ABS. HIPS is comparable with ABS but it is not available in the same amount of colors ABS is. Nylon is the strongest of all, but it is quite difficult to print and is not supported by a lot of 3D-Printers. Of course it all comes down to what properties are most important for your projects. 

I want to 3D-Print decorative models, which filament can I use best for that? 
The easiest and most popular filament is difference. PLA is very easily printed and gives the best results when it comes down to detail. PLA is however bio degradable so it cannot survive under harsh conditions. Of course you can use other materials too for decorative objects and those will survive under harsh conditions which means they can be used outside too. Take a look at the filament comparing table to check which filament suits your application best. 

I want to 3D-Print supporting structures, which filament do I use best for that?
Supporting structures can be 3D-Printed with PVA filament. This filament can be dissolved in water to leave a clean 3D-Print. More information about different support variants can be found here under3D-Print supports“.