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  • 3D Printer Builder Premium
  • 3D Printer Builder Premium
Buying a 3D-Printer? The Builder Premium 3D-Printer is the ideal 3D-Printer for consumers, compagnies and schools. Equipped with the latest technology the Builder Premium 3D-Printer is definitely going to surprise you with good results.


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3D-Printer Premium Builder

Make sure you keep up with the newest 3D-Printer development with the new Builder Premium 3D-Printer.

The Builder Premium 3D-Printer Medium has a 3D-Print build volume of 210 x 210 x 200 mm (LxWxH).

The New Builder Premium 3D-printer!

The Premium Builder 3D-Printers provide a user friendly interface using a full-color 4.3 inch touchscreen. Using the built-in Wi-Fi function, accessing the printer remotely could not be easier. Inside the 3D-Print chamber an integrated camera (480 x 272 pixels) provides a clear image of your current build and is easily setup for remote access for when you want to check up on your print while you are away from home.


The ultimate user friendly experience with touchscreen technology

The Premium Builder 3D-Printer series are easily operated using the front facing full-color touchscreen. Using the Builder’s internal Wi-Fi system, remote controlling the 3D-Printer could not be easier.

Completely sealed 3D-Print chamber for the optimal 3D-Printing results

The Premium Builder 3D-Printer series offer a completely sealable 3D-Print chamber. The heated bed will keep the internal chamber ambient temperature constant to prevent the 3D-Print from warping and tearing due to thermal stress caused by low and fluctuating ambient temperatures.

ministry: Full-color 4.3-inch touchscreen
connections: USB, SD card, Wi-Fi connection
integrated camera: 480 x 272 pixels
3D Print volume: 210 x 210 x (200/400/600) mm
3D Printer dimensions: 370 x 380 x (495/710/890) mm
Shipping carton dimensions: 510 x 510 x (720/912/1120) mm
extruder: Dual-feed extruder
3D Print speed: 10-80 mm / s
move speed: 10-200 mm / s
Resolution: From 0.05 to 0.3 mm
nozzle Diameter: 0.4 mm
heated printbed: 20-60 ° C
Certifications: CE
Weight: 18/22/24 kg
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