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3D Touch Sensor for auto Bed-leveling

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39.95 incl. BTW


Product Description

The 3D Touch is a sensor for automatic "bed leveling". The advantage of the sensor is that it is automatically retracted after use, so that it does not get in the way during 3D printing.
Sensor for 3D Printer that can accurately measure the distance of your printing surface. This greatly improves the print precision of your 3D printer. The 3DTouch is a smart sensor that also works with great precision.

The sensor is suitable for almost all types of bed materials such as glass, wood and metal. The main function and controls of 3DTouch are the same as most "bed leveling" sensors that consist of an RC Servo with microswitch. That is why the 3DTouch sensor can be used on almost any 3D printer board. By using a progressively designed solenoid “wire spool” and hall sensor, 3DTouch can integrate into the 3D printer with high precision.

Comes with cabling to confirm and extend.

Cable length: 15 cm
Voltage: 5V
type: Servo (hall effect sensor)

Orange: Control “signal”
Brown: (-GND)

Black– (-GND)
White: Z-MIN (or Z-MAX, configure this in marlin)

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