A4988 1/16 microstep driver incl. Heatsink

A4988 1/16 microstep driver incl. Heatsink

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Product Description

A4988 Stepper Driver + Heatsink

The A4988 microstepping bipolar stepper motor control has an adjustable potentiometer for current limitation. Over voltage protection and undercurrent protection. The step driver has a maximum number of micro-steps of 1/16 and six adjustable micro-step resolutions. It operates from 8.2 V to 45 V and can deliver up to about 1.5 A per phase without heat sink or forced air flow (suitable for 2.2 A per coil with sufficient additional cooling). The driver has a pin-out and interface that are almost identical to those of our DRV8825 stepper driver
Stepper motor drivers, so that it can be used as a replacement drop-in for those boards in many applications.


- Simple interface for control of and direction
- Five different step resolutions: full step, half step, 1/1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1.16,
- With the adjustable current control you can set the maximum current output with a potentiometer, with which you can use voltage above the nominal voltage of your stepper motor to achieve higher step speeds
- Intelligent heel control that automatically selects the correct power decay mode (fast decay or slow decay)
- 35V maximum supply voltage
- Built-in controller (no external logic supply voltage required)
- Can be connected directly to the printer board
- Thermal switch-off at too high a temperature, overvoltage protection and underload blocking.
- Protection against short circuits and short circuits
- 4-layer, 2 OZ copper circuit board for improved heat dissipation
- The drivers have an RS value of 0.1 OHM

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