ABS 3D-Printer Filament Green

ABS is a strong and lengthy filament used for heavy loaded or usable objects. ABS is obtainable in 1.75mm and 3.00 mm.

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Product Description

ABS, a strong filament used for usable objects.

Color: Green

ABS filament (also known from the lego blocks) is a strong and durable 3D printer filament suitable for heavily loaded parts and utensils, among other things. 3D printing with ABS filament gives you a solid 3D print that is guaranteed to last.

The operating temperature of parts printed from ABS filament is between -35 and 100 ° C. This makes ABS also very suitable for parts that heat up during use. A 3D print from ABS filament can also be processed into a smooth surface using Acetone. This removes the visible layers and gives your 3D print a smooth and glossy surface. Read more about post-processing

Pro’s and Con’s:
+ Very strong
+ Resistent to high temperatures.
+ Long life
+ Tunable to a smooth surface
- Need a warm printing bed
- Plastic smell while printing

3D-Printing with ABS Filament

With the correct settings and 3D printer, ABS filament is reasonably easy to 3D print. We do recommend that you do so this page by reading. Here we have described all information and required settings for your 3D printer so that you can 3D print successful 3D prints with ABS filament immediately.

Other specific information about this product you can find in the tab "specifications" under the product-image.

Problems while 3D-Printing?

If you encounter problems during 3D printing with ABS filament, then even look under the heading "3D printing help" at the top of this page. Here you will find an explanation with solutions for many problems during 3D printing.

Compare Filaments

If you have doubts about which filament is most suitable for your application, take a look at the filament comparator. On this page you will find a table in which all types of filaments are compared at different points so that you can determine which filament fits your application best.


If you have any questions about warping or the prevention of it but could not find your answer on this page, feel free to contact our customer support service for more information and answers. Customer service

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1.75mm, 3.00mm

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