Cura VS. Simplify3D

  • Posted on July 7, 2016
  • By Teun Brand
  • Posted in Simplify3D

Cura and Simplify 3D are different slicer software. Why choose simplify3D if there is also free Cura? In this article we explain the difference.


Simplify3D offers many benefits when it comes to generating support parts. In Cura you indicate that you want support (everywhere or from print bed) and the software generates the support itself. In addition to the standard generated support, Simplify3D also gives you the option to customize your support parts. This allows you to add or remove various support parts. Very useful if you think that you need support in some places, or not of course. You can also determine the resolution of the support parts. The images below give a clear picture. 

3D-Print proces

In Simplify3D you can create multiple 3D printing processes. You can print multiple models simultaneously in one process or assign a separate 3D printing process to each model. If every model has its own process, you can therefore determine a whole lot of settings per model. For example, you can print model 1 with a low height of 0.2 mm, 20% infill and without cooling while your model 2 prints with a low height of 0.1 mm, 5% infill and with cooling. You can then print these two separate models next to each other, simultaneously 3D printing. The settings I just mentioned are just a tip of the veil of all the settings that you can adjust per model. 

You can even apply those different settings per model in one 3D print in one model. For example, you print the first 10 mm of your model with a layer height of 0.3 mm and 25% infill while you print everything above this 10 mm with a layer height of 0.15 mm and 10% infill. You can determine this turning point yourself and also apply it several times. 

Ease of use

Personally, I find Cura to work a lot faster and easier. This is because with Simplify3D you have so many settings that you can adjust that you often spend more time with all the settings correctly than in Cura. Of course it makes sense because with Simplify3D you have more options and therefore more settings to adjust.


Nice, but really not very useful. Simplify gives you the option to change the type of infill. You can choose from six different infill types. Below you can see the different infill types. From left to right: 


Simplify3D offers many extra options compared to Cura but will cost you around € 140. Consider for yourself whether these extra options in simplify3D are worth € 140. Since we switched to Simplify3D ourselves, we do nothing else. 

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