Free 3D models

Looking for free 3D models? In this blog post we give you 3D model websites from which you can download 3D-printing STL files for free and paid easily.

3D models For the taking!

The possibilities with 3D printing are endless. All models that are uploaded on the websites below prove that. Whether you are looking for fun decorative models or functional objects. Search and you will find! All models can be downloaded in .STL or .OBJ format. Both are recognized by your slicer software and can be 3D printed directly. The STL search engines at the bottom of the page search multiple online libraries. Very useful if you are looking for a specific model such as a telephone case. 

We use it ourselves thingiverse and youmagine most. Very well-organized websites with a wide range of 3D models and 3D print projects. All free to download!


Go to Thingiverse and sort all models that you can download by popularity. You will be amazed at what interesting objects can easily be 3D printed with FDM 3D printing. From a life-size Iron Man suit to a detailed jet engine scale model. 
3D models libraries:

STL search engines:

Do you remember an online 3D model library that we have forgotten? Feel free to post a comment!

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