Nozzle Temperature Too Low

Too low a nozzle or 3D printing temperature can quickly lead to visibly less beautiful 3D printing results. Read here the influence of the nozzle temperature.

Too low 3D print / nozzle temperature

The temperature of the nozzle during 3D printing is very important. A small change of 5 - 10 ° C in the nozzle temperature can visibly deliver other 3D printing results. When 3D is printed with a 3D printing temperature that is too low, the filament is not fluid enough and will not flow smoothly from the nozzle. As a result, the desired amount of filament does not come out of the nozzle, so 3D print layers contain many air bubbles and openings without filament. 

If the 3D print temperature is too low, not enough filament comes out of the nozzle for a successful 3D print. This phenomenon is called under-extrusion. Read here: Avoid under Extrusion.

The correct 3D printing temperature

The correct nozzle temperature during 3D printing is therefore very important. The ideal temperature is of course dependent on the material and the printing speed. If the 3D printing speed is too low and the temperature remains the same, the filament may be too hot (too fluid) when it leaves the nozzle. This results in ugly overhangs. Read here: Overhang 3D-printen.

3D printer settings per material:

3D Printer settings per material. You will be redirected to a page where all required 3D printer settings are explained per material. Choose your 3D print material and read everything you need to know to successfully 3D print with that specific material. Please note, the settings have only been tested on our own filament. A filament from another supplier may require different settings. 

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