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  • Builder Dual Feed Extruder
The big Builder 3D-Printer is equipped with a dual-feed extruder which will let you 3D-print or combine two different colors or materials in just one 3D-print! Builder 3D-Printer are high quality machines produced in the Netherlands.


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"Print your creations in two different materials!"

The Builder 3D-printer can print high quality objects using the Dual-Feed Extruding system. The Dual-Feed extruder is a unique feature that combines two singular extruders into one. This saves space, reduces maintenance and also reduces the fragility of the system. Using the Dual-Feed Extruding system you can use two different colors and blend them perfectly into your objects, creating unique multicolored 3D-Printed objects.

The advantages of the Builder 3D-Printer with Dual-Feed Extruding system:

-        Dutch premium quality

-        Easy to use with the LCD display and supplied SD-card

-        Capable of blending colors together

-        Works with all filament spools

-        Easy to maintain

-        Pristine quality 3D-Prints

More detailed information about this 3D-Printer can be found under specifications.

Print Material

A Builder 3D-Printer is designed to print PLA filament. ABS or ABS related filaments are not recommended to be used with this 3D-Printer and could even damage the components because of the ABS properties and increased thermal output required to melt it. All other Hestay filaments can be safely used in the Builder 3D-Printers. Buy PLA filament

After purchase

Our service does not stop after your purchase of a 3D-Printer. We at Hestay.nl have customer service in high regard and offer support 7 days a week to answer any questions you might have. Our website offers a large repository of solutions to common problems, tips/tricks and most asked questions. If you could not find your answer, feel free to contact our customer support and we will surely help you find it.

About Builder

Builder 3D-Printers are designed and produced here in the Netherlands. Therefore you can expect the best quality from our 3D-Printers. Builder provides a one-year warranty on its Builder 3D-Printers and a 3 month warranty on its extruders.

Print Volume: 220x210x164mm (LxWxH)
printer Dimensions: 385x370x400 mm (LxWxH)
Print speed: 10-80 mm / s
Move Speed: 10 – 200 mm/s
Layer Thickness: 0,05 – 0,3 mm
nozzle Diameter: 0.4 mm
Extruder: Unique Dual-Feed extruder
Filament Diameter:
filament Material: PLA, PVA, HIPS, nylon, Flexible, PETG, Metal Fill, Woodfill
heated Printbed: optional
printer Weight: 15 kg
Adapter: 100-240 V / ~ 3A / 50-60 Hz / 120 Watt
PC Connection: USB cable or SD card (supplied)
warranty: One year (three months in the extruder)
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