Heated bed MK2b Dual Power 12V / 24V

13.95 incl. BTW


Product Description

Preventing warping in your 3D print.


With a heatbed you can easily print on it without your print warping due to its cooling too quickly.

This heatbed is 214x214mm and has a printing surface of 200x200mm and has 2 sides, one side that gets warm when electricity flows through it, the other is a copper layer that spreads the heat. There is a hole for a thermistor in the middle of the bed. On the heat bed you can easily place a glass bed on it with the help of clips, for example.

The board has 2 connections, a 12V and a 24V itself, the board can draw 10A power. The resistance of the board is 1.2 to 2 Ohm.

At 12V the bed heats up to 90 ̊C in about 8 minutes.

At 24V the bed heats up to 120 ̊C in about 6 minutes.


You can easily connect an LED to the board for an indication of power.


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