Inductive proximity sensor LJ18A3-8-Z/BY ( 8 mm )

Proximity sensor that detects nearby metal, including aluminum foil; a great solution for calibrating a heated bed.

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Product Description

Proximity sensor that detects nearby metal

De LJ18A3-8-Z / BY-afstandssensor, detecteert metalen op een afstand van 8mm. Hiermee is het de perfecte oplossing voor de bedleveling van een verwarmd bed. Dit is bijvoorbeeld in marlin (software) te gebruiken als “auto bedleveling (ABL)”

By using this function you do not have to manually adjust the bed every time, but the software ensures that it remembers the different heights, measures the bed and compensates for the differences per angle in the software. In order to automatically enter the g code during printing.

The sensor detects metal at a precision of 8 mm. If you have a glass bed? Then this is not a problem. But just make sure that aluminum foil or tape is attached to make the detection possible. Bear in mind that the detection distance is 8 mm. And that this must go through the glass bed.

The sensor has a small red LED, it will shine when the bed is 8mm near the sensor, this sensor has a M18 thread that allows you to easily connect the sensor to your 3D printer or CNC Machine.

This sensor works at 6-36V, the signal voltage is the same as the input voltage so the signal will also be 6-36V. The sensor has been tested for 5V without resistance and worked properly

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