Koper PLA Filament 1.75 Proefversie

PLA Filament with copper incorporated gives your 3D-Print the appearance and smell of a real copper model. Order your PLA test pack of 40 grams here.

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Product Description

PLA Copper Filament, The smell and shine of a copper model!

Color: Copper Color

Give your 3D Print the appearance and smell of real copper with PLA copper filament. Fine copper fabric is incorporated into the PLA copper filament, which gives your 3D print the smell and shine of copper. PLA copper filament is almost as easy to 3D-Print as a normal PLA filament is.

There is an exact explanation on how to print with PLA Filament here

This filament is a metallic filament and cannot be polished like some other copper filaments that are the PLA Copper filament gives a kind of copper look-a-like 3D print of a real copper model. That of course does not alter the fact that this filament gives nice results with the smell and shine of copper.

Hestay.nl offers you this filament at a competitive price with

- An excellent price / quality ratio.

- Good layer binding

- Each filament vacuum packed with moisture eater

- Beautiful print results and color

- Compatible with almost every 3D printer

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