Mosfet 4 U84 FET switches

MOSFET is an electronic device with good switching characteristics. It is widely used in circuits such as switching between power supplies, motor drives, dimmers, and so on. Relay is a different type of module with switching characteristics.

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Product Description

Can be used to control devices with higher power, such as lamps and motors. This is like a "Solid-State Relay" for DC. This is a "Low-Side Switch". The load is connected from the + power supply to the switch. When the switch is on, the load pole is connected to ground.
This board is OPTIMALLY INSULATED between the input circuit and the Power FETS. However, the GROUND connections are common, so there is no complete insulation.
Power MOSFETs are good electronic devices that are widely used in electronic switching circuits such as switching power supplies and motor drives, as well as lighting, dimming and so on.
We have designed this 4-channel MOSFET switch to provide 4 electronic switches that can be used to control various DC loads, such as lights, LEDs, motors, etc. See diagram:

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