PVA 3D-Printer Filament

PVA 3d printer filament dissolves in water and is therefore ideal as a support material. PVA filament is slightly flexible and available in 1.75 and 2.85 mm diameter.

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Product Description

"PVA Filament, Let your supporting parts disappear like snow in the sun."

Color: Natural

PVA Filament is a 3D printer filament that dissolves in water. With this feature, PVA filament is an ideal filament to support an overhang in a 3D print. You simply place your 3D print afterwards in a container with water and a few hours later your supporting parts disappeared.

PVA filament, also called PolyVinyl Alcohol, is a slightly flexible material that dissolves in water. Because it dissolves in water, the filament is sensitive to moisture if you store it for a long time (> 4 weeks). We therefore do not recommend that you use PVA as the parent material for your 3D print.

Pros and Cons of PVA filament:
+ Very suitable for supporting parts
+ Easily dissolves in water
-Dual extruder system required
- Due to flexibility slow 3D printing (± 25 mm / s)
- Airtight storage required

3D Printing with PVA filament

PVA filament requires some attention to successfully 3D-print with it. We recommend that you read this page Here we have described all information and required settings for your 3D printer so that you can 3D print successful 3D prints with PVA filament immediately.

Other specific information about this product you can find in the tab "specifications" under the product-image.

Problems while 3D-Printing?

If you encounter problems during 3D printing with PVA filament, take a look under the heading "3D printing help" at the top of this page. Here you will find an explanation with solutions for common problems during 3D printing.

Weight1 kg

1.75mm, 2.85mm

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