PVA 3D-Printer Filament (water dissolvable)

PVA filament solves in water and is ideal for supporting applications!

Want to buy PVA Filament? PVA filament is water soluble and therefore ideally suited as a support material during 3D-Printing. PVA, also known as Poly Vinyl Alcohol, can easily be used to create support structures for every 3D-Print. The support structures made with PVA filament can be rinsed away with water after 3D-Printing. PVA filament is a fairly flexible 3D-Printer filament and is only suited to be used as a temporary 3D-Print. The 3D-Print will absorb moisture from the air and will completely degrade over a short period of time.

3D-Printing PVA filament

Because PVA filament is a fairly flexible, the 3D-Printing process is different than with a rigid filament like PLA or ABS. We highly recommend reading the PVA filament section on the 3D-Printer settings page before 3D-Printing with PVA filament. Here you will find specific 3D-Printer settings that will help you 3D-Print PVA filament properly.


Dissolving PVA

Dissolving PVA is fairly easy but can take some time. Submerging your 3D-Print in a container filled with water for a couple of hours will make sure that the PVA support material is properly removed from your 3D-Print. A cube (20x20x20 mm) with 0.8 mm thick walls and 20% infill takes about 2 hours to fall apart and 12 hours to completely dissolve. Refreshing the water in the container halfway will speed up the dissolving process because the water will get saturated over time with PVA plastic.

PVA Video Demo

Hestay's 3D-printing materials

Every color and material 3D-Printer filament is available in three diameters: 1.75, 2.85(not all of them) and 3.00 mm with a 0.05 mm tolerance. The product page offers the option to choose between these diameters before purchasing. We deliver the 3D-Printer filament vacuum sealed with a moisture absorber included to maintain the quality and integrity of the filament right to your doorstep.

Contact with Hestay

If you have any question about our product or services please do not hesitate to contact our customer service department. You could easily send us an email to info@hestay.nl and we will reply to you within 24 hours. Each of our emplyees is a well trained professional in the 3D-printing business and technique. This way we can provide a quality service and help you choose the right (PVA) 3D-printing filament material. 


PVA 3D-Printer Filament (water dissolvable)
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