About us

"3D printing provides opportunities for all, let you enjoy an effortless world of new possibilities"


Author: Teun Brand

This is me, Teun Brand. Founder and owner of Hestay. I've been working with the 3D-printing technology since 2011 and turned it into a business a few years later. Seven days a week, 24 hours a day I'm working for you or your company to provide an opportunity to easily enjoy the benefits which the 3D printing technology has to offer today. We do not only by offering products that you need for 3D printing, but also by additional information to help you get started with our products.

Oh yes, we are open seven days a week for almost every question you have about 3D printing.

What do we do now

3D printing gives a new dimension to your imagination. The advent of 3D printers, many companies and individuals can realize their ideas by being able to cheaply and quickly create unique parts or scale models with a 3D printer. Hestay bring this unique technology to consumers and businesses. Since 2013 we concern ourselves with the selling 3D printer filaments and in 2014 we have been appointed official dealer of Builder 3D Printers.

3D printing is still a relatively new technology with lack of experience sometimes can cause minor problems. These problems, let's call them challenges, ensuring frustration and poor results. Because we strive everyone to make optimum use of the 3D Printing technology to expect from us a comprehensive service before and after the purchase of a 3D printer or other product. We think with every challenge here with you and online tips and common issues explained to you.

The customer service is accessible by telephone six days a week. Mails will be answered within 24 hours. So if you have any questions and / or comments? Please feel free to contact us, you are often one brief moment of contact away from a solution. Chances are we a little frustrated right away with you.


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