Silicone heating mat 12v

Silicone heating mat 200mm * 200mm 12V 200W

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44.95 incl. BTW


Product Description

Silicone heating mats are suitable for heating where a good heat distribution is required. Silicone heating mats are thin and lightweight and have low heat and a very good reaction speed.

Silicone heating mats have a wide temperature of up to 230 ° C, with very good electrical power that offer great advantages to other types of heating elements.

– 12 volt
– 200 W
- Material: silica gel
- Dimensions: 200 mm x 200 mm
- Thickness: approximately 1.5 mm -1.6 mm

- Tailored
- Foil and wound resistance wires
- Accurate even heating
- Flexible and lightweight
- Water resistant
- Large temperature range, -60 to + 230 ° C

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