SPLA (New)

SPLA Filament, an easy and organic 3D-Printer filament

This Silk (gloss) Filament is exclusively for sale at Hestay. This unique PLA filament has a luxurious look. This is because of the sparkle and superior shine this new filament is a nice addition to the range.
PLA is a popular 3D printer filament among 3D printer users. PLA filament is a 3D printer filament based on natural raw materials, starchy plants such as wheat, corn and sugar cane. This makes PLA a biodegradable 3D printer filament in opposition to ABS filament which is a petroleum based filament. Because PLA is a biodegradable material and will be completely degraded after roughly half a year of exposure to the weather, PLA is not suitable for utensils or models that are placed outside. Good for the environment! no worries, as long as you use your model inside there is nothing wrong and PLA filament is an excellent and one of the most used materials to 3D print decorative objects which contain many details.


3D Printing of PLA Filament

Little burden of warping and deformation, low nozzle temperatures and high 3D printing speeds. This makes PLA filament one of the easiest 3D printer filament for 3D printing. Every FDM 3D-Printer, even without a heated printbed, can handle PLA. The correct settings for your 3D printer when using our own PLA filament can be found on the PLA filament 3D printer settings page . All settings are tested by ourselves and give the best result in combination with our PLA filament. This way you will not face any surprises and you can immediately start with 3D printing.


Compare filament

3D Printer filaments come in many different types and sizes. The differences are often small and difficult to understand without technical knowledge. To give a clear insight into the different applications and properties of all different 3D printer filament types we offer you can compare all our 3D printer filaments on a special page .   Here you will find a table with explanations in which we compare all our different filaments. For example, you find that PLA filament is suitable for decorative applications and is not suitable for structural components. With the filament comparator you can easily understand the differences between 3D-printer filaments and you can make the right choice for your 3D-print project.

Video Demo

In the video below we print 3D with our own PLA filament in Red and White . We use a Big Builder 3D-Printer with a dual-feed extruder to combine these two-color filament in one 3D print.

Hestay Filament

Every filament we supply to you has a maximum diameter tolerance of 0.05 mm regardless of which diameter you use. The diameter you need can easily be indicated within the color of the filament you have selected. Each PLA filament is protected with a plastic foil and then vacuum packed including moisture so you always get a good quality filament at home with which you can get started immediately. If you have any questions about our products or about PLA filament, you can always contact us.

SPLA (New)
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